A whole new way of doing business

I have always been a trailblazer. I do not like to do business like everyone else, getting lost in the quagmire of the same old, same old.

Starting now, Stephen John Photography has NO SESSION FEES. When you commission me for a photo shoot, your only investment is in YOU. Every penny spent is on Heirloom Items that showcase you and your family. All Heirloom Items are printed on only the finest quality paper and canvas, with only the finest inks. Every Heirloom Session includes:

  • A pre planning meeting to discuss and plan your Experience
  • Fashion and Trend tips
  • Professional hair and makeup
  • Availability to borrow formal wear on local Sessions
  • Installation of your Heirloom Art
  • A one of a kind Experience
  • A Private Reveal Session to view your fantastic images
  • A digital photo album
  • The Experience you deserve

Experiences with an Heirloom Artist begin at $595 and again, your investment is in you – every penny is credited towards the purchase of your Heirloom Items and Prints.

Call today to reserve your Heirloom Session and get the Experience you Deserve.




Customized Photo Albums

I once heard a man say that “If everyone is doing it, it must be a good idea. If nobody is doing it, it must be a great idea!”

I am the exclusive photographer in the entire Tampa Bay area that offers these unique, one of a kind, custom designed Photo Albums.

Click here to see one         http://apps.stephenjohnonline.com/qewdgmz807sw

Click here to see another       http://apps.stephenjohnonline.com/8cigqgqkd7w7

One more click                  http://apps.stephenjohnonline.com/1r1t9d5oky4u

I am offering these to all 2018 Seniors that have their photo sessions done with me.  These really are easy to share with your friends and family and you will get them emailed to you within days of your photo shoot. Days, not weeks. I still do not understand how it takes other photographers months to get your images and albums to you. It amazes me. Anyway….

Nobody else is doing this for you. I thought it was a brilliant idea. Give me a call with your questions ~



…In the beginning….

Hello, Friends! Thanks for taking a look and learning about Stephen John Photography ~

I will be showing you some of my photo shoots and hopefully piquing your interest so you keep returning. Feel free to let me know of anything you wish to know about and I can share any knowledge that I may have. If not, I am really really good at using Google….

Sit back, relax, and see the world through my lens!